About LOVU

Hi, I’m Natia - the founder of lovu.ca - and I’m totally obsessed with sexy panties. No matter how I would try, my obsession over sexy lingerie (especially panties) would never allow me to pass up an opportunity to own more. I discovered a love for lingerie back when my self-confidence wasn't as high and I didn't yet feel as powerful or comfortable with myself.⁠

One day I walked by newly opened Etam store, went in, saw very expensive (for me at a time) lingerie. I stared at it for some time, left, and then came back a week later to purchase it. I wore it underneath my regular clothing and then something magical happened: it changed the way I viewed myself. I felt so much more attractive and desirable. My confidence skyrocketed and I noticed it positively affected the way I was perceived by others. They started seeing me as sexy and powerful, regardless of what I was wearing on the outside. I had my secret power. Underneath my clothes and no one knew about it.⁠

After years of this obsession, I wanted to share it with other women and started Lovu.⁠

So If you are a women who needs a bit of a self confidence boost, I want to make you feel sexy and desirable. I want to push your boundaries and make you open to trying something a bit extra. The panties might not be something you would choose to buy for yourself, but if it came to your door, then you'd be willing to give it a try.