Lovu - Sexiest Underwear Subscription in Canada

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular, almost overcrowded and so are Subscription based lingerie offerings. 

My main goal is not to sell lingerie, but to give women everywhere a chance to have something extra that will excite them and push their boundaries. Lovu is about confidence, community and embracing our sexuality.

I myself have an obsession over sexy panties. For me, it's not about a man or pleasing someone else but about the confident and empowering feeling of having a secret "sexiness" just for yourself.

For me, unique, sexy underwear boosts my confidence in any situation, even in seeming unrelated settings, like a job interview...or when sitting down to write the first blog about your new online lingerie subscription business in Canada.

For me, Lovu is about giving every woman a versatile wide range of crazy panties that will bring them confidence and fun. Lovu has no limitations, one month you might get a very "naughty" pair and the next, a "girl next door" or Asian inspired style. We want to give women a fun and safe way to explore their sexual boundaries and desires and to release the taboo around exploring their inner sexual feelings and desires.

You can be sure to expect the unexpected from Lovu.ca and everything we do will be...a little bit extra.