Lovu – Why we love Lingerie

We love to express ourselves, especially through what we wear. Our clothing can have such an amazing effect on our lives…they can make us feel confident, positive and sexy! When you find that perfect dress or those one of a kind pair of sunglasses it can make you feel unstoppable.

That is why we love lingerie, especially when they are unique and sexy. We want to give everybody this feeling, and there is no better way than through a Monthly Sexy Lingerie Subscription in Canada.

Once a month, a handpicked unique pair of panties will be shipped to your door in a beautiful package with an encouraging card. Lingerie, especially when it is unique will push your boundaries positively and will bring you fun new experiences.

Lovu and lingerie is about confidence, fun and sexiness for yourself or to share with others. When you put on a new pair of sexy panties and see yourself in a whole new sexy light, you will understand our obsession with Lingerie. Don’t forget all the positive attention you will get no matter who you share them with ;)

Forget about those granny panties, your beautiful body deserves better than that. Check out https://lovu.ca to join our amazing community.